15 Uses For Rosehip Oil


As rosehip oil is a natural and gentle product it makes a great multipurpose skin and hair treatment….


rosehip oil


Packed with essential fatty acids, omegas, vitamins, antioxidants and much more rosehip oil makes a great edition to the daily skin, hair and health routine.

It  is also known as rosehip seed oil


Below are 15 of the top uses for rosehip oil: Watch the video or read below 🙂


  1. Rub a few drops into your face either on it’s own or mixed in with a moisturizer as a general uplift for your face
  2. Pat a little under and around your eyes to reduce bags and lines
  3. Use a little on blemishes and age spots to reduce visibility
  4. Rub into scars to reduce the appearance of them
  5. Rub into your fingers to use for massage, on it’s own or combined with massage oil
  6. Great to rub into cracked skin and rough skin
  7. Rub a little into the ends of your hair to help with split ends
  8. Massage into your scalp for cradle cap, dandruff and general health of your hair
  9. Mix into shampoo and/or condtioner for an extra hair treatment
  10. Rub a little into acne prone areas to help reduce the redness
  11. Apply a little to your lips as a moisturizing lip balm
  12. Great for rubbing into your hands as a moisturizer
  13. Use on your nails and cuticles to help promote healthy growth
  14. Mix into a body cream/moisturizer for an all over moisturizing treatment for your body
  15. Rub a little into stretch marks to reduce visibility

Rosehip oil is one of the most multifunctional natural products on the market today…..

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