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From the desk of Beth Thompson…



Being the typical “Never happy with myself woman!” Haha!!  Also being in my 40’s aghh!! I was on a mission to find a totally natural product that wouldn’t break the bank 😉

There are soooo many products out there that claim to be the next big thing!

Some with very hefty price tags and some with a rather charming list of chemicals in them!

So I went on a mission to find something very natural, readily available that had a decent price tag!

Wah Lah……..!  I found rosehip oil 🙂

My main purpose for using it was to lessen the bags under my eyes and lines near my eyes…

It has soooo worked and since then rosehip oil has become a daily part of my routine for skin care.

I now use it for a primer and general moisturizer too…

🙂 Beth



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