How Is Rosehip Oil Made?

Rosehip oil making is a natural process…

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Traditionally rosehips / rosehip seeds are picked from the wild rose bushes of
Rosa Moschata and Rosa Rubiginosa which only grow in certain parts
of the world.rosehip seeds

Nowadays the rosehips from Rosa Canina are also used as they are grown in many areas of the world.

Rosehip oil is extracted from the hips using the “Cold Pressed” method where either by hand or hydrologically the rosehip seeds are squashed, normally via a press to release the oil from them.

The oil is then strained.

rosehip oil pressingLittle to no heat is needed and no solvents are needed for the extraction process.

Rosehip oil is stored and sold in brown/amber glass bottles to preserve the oil from sunlight.rosehip oil bottles




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