Rosehip Tea


rosehip tea

Dogadan Rosehip Fruit Tea Available on Amazon

Along side rosehip oil, rosehip tea is another totally natural source from rosehips for your health and body.

Full of antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A and lots of other goodies…

…Rosehip tea’s benefits include being an anti inflammatory, immune boosting, helping cancer fighting, helping other disease fighting all round natural addition to your diet.

Rosehip tea can be made from rosehips cut straight from the bush or dried and ground. They are steeped in hot water and strained to deliver a fruity tasting delicious drink. Served hot or cold.

Also available in teabags…

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Through the process of making rosehip oil the rosehips lose some of their vitamin C but keep their other properties. Rosehip tea being straight from the plant holds it’s vitamin C.

Between the both of them you have a pretty mean fighting team for your health on the inside and out….


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